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Please Vote 8-5-2014

"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote."

_George Jean Nathan, American editor and drama critic

I sincerely hope that everyone will take the time to vote on Aug. 5, 2014.  America touts itself as the greatest Democracy on earth, if you count the citizens who vote and take part in Democracy that is not true.  India is, with more than 400 million people voting in the last election.  Americans are voting in disturbingly fewer numbers each year especially in primary elections.  And the few who are voting are not making wise and informed decisions.  Far too often candidates are elected because they appeal to the ideologues who they know will turn out, or candidates with little experience or have done a poor job are elected because of name recognition.

You have to do your due diligence people.  Research these folks who want to make decisions that will affect your quality of life.  If they are an incumbent, what are their voting records, how did they respond when you called their office for assistance, did they accept invitations to address your block club, veterans group or association?  If this is their first time seeking office, what is their background, education level, job experience?

Already disturbing things are happening in Detroit to recently elected officials.  The councilman from my District has allegedly swindled people, been busted with open alcohol and marijuana in his car, abandoned the residence in the district in which he qualified to run and refused to answer allegations or address the issues he is accused of with the press.  Even more disturbing is the press just dropped it and moved on.  Another council member was arrested for being passed out drunk in a Detroit city vehicle in another city; once again no one is holding him accountable for explaining his actions and the press has moved on.  Our Mayor who was elected on the promise of change and to bring openness and honesty to city hall has recently agreed to headline a fundraiser to help his chief of staff, who was a mayoral opponent pay off her campaign debts.  Haven’t we seen this story play out with a recent Detroit Mayor?

Come on people aren’t you tired of the same old names, seeing the same old faces, saying the same old things, hanging out with the same old cronies and pandering to the same old special interests? It’s time to give new candidates a serious look and see if they have the qualifications to potentially do a better job than the career politicians who continue to get elected or pass the torch on to their son, daughter, wife or some other family member, because of the name.

If you are satisfied with your incumbent based on the merits of the job they are doing, then by all means vote for them.  The bottom line is VOTE on Aug 5, 2014.



Any veteran that is considering running for any political office, the need is there also at the local, county and state level, should contact me so that I can post their efforts on our

“Veterans Running For Office Page”


 ** Please note that this does not constitute an endorsement, it is meant to let voters and veterans know that this citizen is running for an elected office and he/she is a veteran.**






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