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Adjutant’s Perspective


Below you will find my personal views on an upcoming election or ballot issue. 


The American Legion and Coleman A.

 Young Post 202 is a nonpartisan Not

for Profit Veterans Service



This does not mean that any individual belonging to The Legion are forbidden from showing partisanship or supporting the candidates of their choice.  However when partisanship is shown, it must be independent of association with an American Legion Post and The Legion.


Coleman A. Young Post 202 does not support, oppose or provide aid to any candidate for public office or to any political party.




Power of the Vote

During an election year, take advantage of one of the few opportunities that politicians will take you as a veteran seriously.  Unfortunately most of them don’t appreciate you for what you have done, but they do appreciate that you are a vote.  Veterans must use this as an advantage.  Remember that last year, the state of Michigan cut the veterans budget by 25% and everyone else by 5%, clearly they have their priorities mixed up.  Now is the time to let them know. 

Don’t just follow the party line when casting your vote, I don’t care if the politician is a democrat or a republican, what matters is how they voted on Veteran issues.

Know The Facts, view their voting records, how did they respond when you call their office for assistance, did they accept invitations to attend your veterans events, are they veterans themselves?

There are close to 80,000 members in T.A.L.family, our votes can make a difference.  T.A.L. is a non-partisan org. that does not endorse either party, however as individual legionnaires and family members we can help and support any candidate we want.  Let’s support our fellow veterans who are running for office and those candidates that support us.  Get out and participate in Legion Get Out The Vote Campaigns.






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